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Skin Needling Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Skin Needling Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Skin Needling Fine Lines & Wrinkles



Fine lines and wrinkles

Let me guess… looked in the mirror and noticed more wrinkles! Spot on , right? I hear you!

Fine lines and wrinkles for most people are unavoidable- it’s an age related skin change. However, some of our life style choices affect the extent of our wrinkles; sun exposure and smoking are to name a few.

You see, sun exposure and smoking depletes moisture in the skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles. This is because your skin thickens in the attempt to give more protection due to moisture loss.



I know what your thinking “Ok, I’ve heard it all before; stop smoking, wear sunscreen, blah blah blah! I still have those wrinkles at the corner of my eye and now I’m noticing them more and more!” – I understand you. And I bet your salon gives you “anti-wrinkle” facials and promise youthful looking skin and tell you to buy “wonder” creams that promise to make you look 20 years younger or worst still, your local aesthetics clinic recommends botox and fillers? – I know …….I know, its scary but can you trust it to work?


At Brunswick Health, our Dermal Clinician wants to empower you to think outside the box that the lucrative beauty industry has created. We believe that our body has the answers, not botox filled syringes.

Our skin needling treatment penetrates the skin to break up the thicker layer, giving us ample time to feed the microscopic holes with our organic anti-ageing serum smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, Organic serum. Who uses organic serums? We do, and they work beautifully with the skin’s own natural healing process producing healthy levels of new collagen and elastin as a result of the stimulation caused by skin needling.

Our Organic anti-ageing serum main ingredient is Camellia oil, which has been used for centuries in China for wrinkle prevention and dryness. It contains a high dose of vitamins B, C and K and is exceptionally high in antioxidants and minerals.

Our skin needling treatment is for any age and will guarantee improvements of your fine lines, crows feet and age spots with a course of 4-8 treatments, with results evident within 21 days of the first treatment.





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