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DNA Testing


DNA Testing

DNA Testing

DNA Testing with our Naturopath

Discover how measuring your genetic profile can lead to Nutritional and lifestyle changes that can target disease prevention and  help you achieve optimal health. Genetic profiling takes health care into the next Millennium.


You’ve heard the saying, “It’s in your genes.”  Our genetic inheritance seems to put the final stamp not only on our height, eye colour, disposition, habits, weight, and predisposed illnesses but even the length of our life. 


New revelations in science reveal we, in fact, influence and alter the expression of many of our genes in very profound ways.New discoveries have found that signals can impact our gene expression. They include influences such as dietary choices, lifestyle factors, environmental exposures and even our thoughts and feelings.


One impressive study assigned two groups of adults; one ate a low glycemic index diet and the other ate a high glycemic index diet. In just 12 weeks, the high GI diet increased the activity of 62 genes that lead to disease. These genes activate your stress response, which lowers your immunity and causes damage to your cells.


The low GI diet decreased the activity of 71 disease-causing genes, including hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). Low HSL is associated with a resistance to obesity. It turns out every fork full of healthy food, every step on the treadmill and even every positive emotion are optimising your gene expression-turning up the good genes and turning down the bad ones!


Enter the World of Nutritional DNA Testing


The future of healthcare will be determined by personalised medicine. A one size fits all diet or lifestyle no longer makes sense in light of epigenetics. As it turns out, it depends on how you learn to talk to your unique genes through the language of diet, nutrition and exercise.


 Leading the way to DNA Testing


At Brunswick Health we are forever striving to help our clients stay healthy and prevent ill health and we are proud to be involved in this leading edge science that has far reaching implications for predictive and preventative health.


The test itself is incredibly simple. It only requires a saliva sample, which is included in the test kit. Using your saliva as the medium to enter into your unique DNA world, the test looks at 70 different gene that impact your health profile including

  • Cholesterol 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Inflammation 
  • Diabetes
  • Bone Health 
  • Lactose Intolerance 
  • DNA Repair 
  • Weight Control
  • Ability to detoxify chemicals efficiently

3 Important points to remember about DNA Testing


Melbourne DNA Testing1st Point: At Brunswick Health we are testing well documented and studied genes that we know impact our biochemical and physiological process related to healthy living and healthy ageing. In this way we are moving away from the complication around testing for “disease” genes. True Health aims to proactively improve a person’s health rather than alarming them with possible disease risks. 

2nd Point: Brunswick Health looks at genes that a substantial proportion of the population has the variant/polymorphism for. In other words, we are more likely to find a genetic variant rather than spending lots of time and money looking for an unlikely needle in a haystack, we are looking for horses not zebra’s.

3rd Point: Brunswick Health only tests genes where there is documented intervention (diet, lifestyle, supplementary measures) available to ameliorate deficiencies. In other words, if you do have a genetic variant you can do something about it and compensate for its influence.


By only testing genes with the above criteria, Brunswick Health provides scientifically accurate advice to mitigate any predispositions towards risk and proactively maximises an individual’s potential of health. 

Your genetic profile leads you to make informed decisions and by studying how your genes interact with your lifestyle we can tailor a treatment plan designed specifically for you.


How is DNA Testing Done?

When you purchase our genetic test kit, it provides clear instructions on how to gather a saliva sample.This sample is then given to SMART DNA who uses a mass array to detect over 70 DNA changes with an 18 day turnaround time from receipt of the sample.


The laboratory is NATA accredited to perform the analysis and all of the appropriate quality procedures are adhered to. The results are released to our Naturopaths who prepares a report to provide you a personalised wellness strategy.


So If you are serious about your health and that of your family, then Genetic Testing offers you the opportunity to identify your own nutrigenomics so you can target disease prevention, improve daily efficiency and achieve optimal health. Nutrition is just as powerful as a pharmacological agent. The food you consume is a powerful modulator of your genes.


So to Recap: Genetic testing will allow you to influence your genetic variant using specific food, lifestyle  and exercise.

The following will be tested:

  • Lipid Profile
  • Blood Pressure profile
  • Phase I and Phase II Detox Profile
  • Oxidative Stress Profile
  • Homocysteine Profile
  • Inflammation profile
  • Osteogenic Profile
  • Lactose Profile
  • Dia Bet-gen Profile

So call Brunswick Health today and we can invest some quality time in your health’s future using DNA Testing. To book a time to have a chat about DNA testing with one our Naturopaths call our Melbourne clinic on  (03) 9380 8099.


You don’t have to live locally to have DNA tests performed, we can mail the DNA test kit and Skype or call you with the results!

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