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Our Colonic Special

Our Colonic Special: When you bulk buy Colonic Irrigation sessions you can save up to 20%!

No DIY Colonics as it is Professionally Assisted so No Sound,  No Smell and definitely No Mess!

Purchase 3 sessions and the cost of each individual session will drop by 15%! Purchase more and the savings get better.



Remember we are a closed colonic centre so you will have a qualified colonic hydrotherapist with you the whole time. This ensures professional care to assist with parasite detection, best releases possible (includes abdominal massage) and complete interpretation of your results as well as useful take-home advice to continue positive outcomes.

Our Colonic Hydrotherapists are qualified and experienced ensuring you will be receiving the best care possible. For more information click to our Colonic FAQs.



  Why fumble on your own in DIY colonic centres when you can be

aided by a qualified colonic hydrotherapist for a very small additional fee.

Now that’s added value!





Colonic FAQs

To find out more about Colonic Hydrotherapy you can check out these links:

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