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Ear Candling

Ear Candling  Brunswick

From the many non-invasive treatments designed to be naturally advantageous for personal ear hygiene, ear-candling (also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy) is among the most famous and beneficial. This process basically involves using a light and somewhat hollow candle to create a vacuum in the ear canal which later draws out excessive ear wax along with other impurities that may be present. The ear candle is usually made by using a material coated with beeswax and readily available in health stores. Another strategy, which is also referred to as ear syringe requires shooting water into the ear canals, typically warm water, and melting or blasting away wax. This method is not recommended for home use as it can potentially damage the ears hence should only be performed by qualified professionals.

For removing ear wax, ear candling is the most recommended for its simplicity, delicacy and low risk. Following are several of the health advantages of cleaning the car canals using ear candles – they may not apply to everyone but those who have used the method testify by it.  Many ailments such as tinnitus, sinus pain, feeling of head pressure, swimmer ear, general ear complications, dizziness, itchy ears and several other symptoms may be reduced by using ear candles. Ear candles may also assist in enhancing lymphatic fluid flow, improve colour perception and some individuals have reported improved sense of taste. These findings are clinical observations only hence require clinical trials and research to be further substantiated.

In addition to the reduced pressure (initially caused by wax buildup in the ears), ear candling greatly reduces the chance of an infection developing in the ear canal. The most important reason for the procedure is that it will help clear wax and debris from the ear canal, consequently ensuring a heightened feeling of personal hygiene. Home-based risks associated with ear candling include small burns and broken eardrums among others; which is why we recommend using our clinic. Mostly it’s a straightforward procedure using high quality ear candles such as the”Hopi” variety.


Are All Ear Candles Created Equal?

The quality of the ear candle is significant as it is important to eliminate the risk of wax running into the ear. It could also explain the inconsistencies with ear candling results.  At our clinic we use carefully crafted candles manufactured in Germany from a traditional Hopi Indian recipe. The pure linen roll is impregnated with 100% beeswax and powdered medicinal herbs including sage, St. John’s wort and chamomile sourced from certified organic producers and tested free from all environmental toxins such as chemical pesticide and fungicide residues.  The eco-friendly cross-shaped linen barrier helps prevent liquid wax or excess condensate from entering the ear. The  ear candles have obtained the prestigious CE mark (93/42-EEC) for medical devices in Europe. Few other ear candles in the world have this extraordinary level of certification and are regularly tested at an independent laboratory in Germany.


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