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Ingrown Toenail


Do your nails grow into your skin making it painful to put shoes on? Does the tip of your toe hurt when the bedsheets press against it? Maybe you get redness, swelling and pus leaking down the side of your nail?


You may have an ingrown toenail that needs medical attention.


Ingrown toenails can be very painful and if they are left untreated they can cause other health concerns such as severe infection or even ulceration.

Our podiatrist, Dr Ella can help relieve your pain! Dr Ella is trained in treating ingrown toenails both conservatively and through minor surgery. Dr Ella will assess the severity of your ingrown toenail, gather a thorough medical history and then she will have a discussion with you about the treatment options she offers for ingrown toenails.


Dr Ella’s conservative treatment involves the use of nail clippers to carefully remove any nail that may be causing pain. She will then provide you with an ongoing treatment plan for future management. This treatment generally produces minimal discomfort for the patient.


Dr Ella’s minor surgical procedure is called a ‘nail avulsion’. This procedure involves removing either a section of the nail or the whole toenail under a local anaesthetic injection. Dr Ella uses a range of tools to remove the offending nail area and prevent it from growing back in the future.


If you think you might have an ingrown toenail, Book in with Dr Ella so that she can help!




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