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Melbourne practitioners fees and hours

All our practitioner fees are listed below. If you would like to make an appointment

please contact us on 9380 8099 or click here for online bookings


Chiropractor Fees

Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Examination $98.00
Standard Chiropractic Consultation $68.00
Extended Chiropractic Consultations or X-ray Reports $88.00
Computerised Foot Orthotic Analysis $88.00
Custom Made Foot Orthotic Inserts $500.00
Standard Chiropractic 3 + Family Members on Same Day $63.00 each


Physiotherapist Fees

Initial Physiotherapy Consultation & Examination $98.00
Standard Physiotherapy Consultation $88.00
Extended Physiotherapy 60-minute Consultation $150.00
Physio Consumables (e.g. Taping) $6.00


Massage and Acupuncture Fees

30 minutes Massage or Acupuncture Session $68.00
40 minutes Massage or Acupuncture Session $88.00
60 minutes Massage or Acupuncture Session $98.00


Naturopathy Fees

Initial Naturopathic Consultation & Examination $150.00
Standard Naturopathic Consultation $105.00
Extended Naturopathic Consultation $150.00
Brief Naturopathic Consultation $ 88.00
Naturopathic Update Consultation (last appointment > 12 months) $150.00


Colonic Hydrotherapy (Irrigation) Fees

Single Colonic Session $115.00
Block of 3 Colonic Sessions ($98 each- 3 month expiry) $294.00
Block of 4 Colonic Sessions ($95 each- 4 month expiry) $380.00
Block of  6 Colonic Sessions ($92 each- 6 month expiry) $552.00


Kinesiology Fees

Web Introductory Special: Initial Kinesiology 60 min Consultation $95.00
Initial Kinesiology 60 min Consultation $150.00
Standard Kinesiology 30 min Consultation $88.00


Dermal Clinician Fees (Skin Needling & Laser)

Web Introductory Special Offer: Initial Skin Consultation $135.00
Initial Skin Consultation $270.00
Single Region Skin Consultation (e.g. Full Face) $270.00
Two Region Skin Consultation (e.g Face & Neck) $375.00
Half Region Skin Consultation (e.g. Cheeks Only) $208.00
Large Region Skin Consultation (Price depends on Area Size) POA
Brief Skin Consultation (e.g.Single Pigmentation Spot) $48.00
Prepaid 3 Consultations Discounted $20 Each Session Disc. $20.00 each


X-Rays Required

Should X-rays be required a referral to a local radiological centre that bulk bills will be provided by our Chiropractors or Physiotherapists.


Payment of fees

Fees are due and payable on the day of service eliminating costly bookkeeping and billing expenses enabling us to pass on this savings to our clients.

(Note: Concession rates are available to those over 60 years or under 12 years.)






Fees are subject to change without notice.

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