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Chiropractic Posture CheckIn a recent article published by Medical News Today, there is an increasing amount of evidence showing that our spinal cord can learn on its own. The spinal cord engages in its own learning of motor tasks independent of the brain, according to an innovative imaging study publishing in Open Access journal PLOS Biology. So from this study it suggests that poor spinal health can have wider health implications?

So who looks after the health of your spinal cord? You guessed it Chiropractors! Their 5 year tertiary education primarily focuses on the spine and its impact on the spinal cord (which is the “tail” of the brain). This in turn has the ability to impact on the brain, the master control centre.

Would you agree that if one or more of the 24 moving spinal bones (vertebrae) were to result in compressing or stretching the spinal nerves, it could negatively impact these nerves? Spinal nerves weave through tiny holes in between the vertebra and branch directly off the spinal cord so by their physical location, it makes them very susceptible to impact.

If you stood or pulled on the tail of a dog, would it impact the dog? Absolutely!

Chiropractors are famous for back pain and neck pain but where they really shine is their ability to stimulate and enhance people’s neurology by ensuring spinal bones move as nature intended….. without stretching or compressing the “tail of the dog”.

Do you know where these spinal nerves go once they leave your spine?…….EVERYWHERE! Its how your brain receives and sends messages to the rest of you.

Could your body truly express its full health potential when messages are interfered with? Try having a conversation on a mobile phone when you are out of range. How effective is the communication?
Now imagine this poor level of communication when your brain is trying to communicate with your liver, gut, pancreas, heart etc..
Do you think this could impact on your health short term and long term?

For those that suffer spinal pain its the spinal nerves SCREAMING so its pretty obvious that there is a problem. But what about those that have no pain, how can you tell if your nervous system is compromised? The best way is via a postural assessment in conjunction with a comprehensive spinal assessment. And who best to see for such an assessment? …Chiropractors! their whole education pivots around the spine and nervous system.

If your not sure if your spine is moving properly (as its often asymptomatic) see one of our Chiropractors. They will objectively assess, measure and explain their findings. You never know….. that unexplained chronic tiredness or bowel issue just might miraculously disappear once your spine starts to function normally.

To read the full science article click here

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