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How Clean are our Fruit & Veg?

How Clean are our Fruit & Veg?

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the pesticides and insecticides that we invariably have been eating and wanted to find a lab (preferably in Australia) that could test and interpret these results. It could solve so many health mysteries… you know what I mean……you don’t feel well, yet test results say everything is “normal”.


There are many tests that we can under go but very few that focus on toxins. Tests are very specific, if you don’t test for certain chemicals then a “normal” result can come back because these chemicals are omitted from the test in the first place.

For example when your GP orders a blood test he/she will specifically ask to include certain extra items such as glucose/insulin levels, or thyroid hormones etc… If the request is not submitted then these are not tested. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” where all things are tested simultaneously. The cost to Medicare would be too great so your GP decides what tests are appropriate and if he/she gets it wrong, you go untested and possibly undiagnosed.

At the clinic we have been assessing heavy metal poisoning (via a hair test) for many years which has been a real eye opener. This has given answers to undiagnosed symptoms that people have long been suffering from.

It’s great that we can test for these but what about insecticide and pesticide uptake? Disappointingly I have searched long and hard to find a lab in Australia and none have taken up this challenge. They can test the environment such as water and soil but not humans which is not all that useful for the majority of us. Not to be disheartened by my failed results, I reached out to a friend who is an expert forensic toxicologist and asked if this can be done and how difficult would the process be?

There is a forensic science gathering in few weeks and this question will be asked amongst the brightest minds in this field. In the meantime I would like to know, if this testing could become available in Australia at a reasonable fee, would you undergo it? Before you answer this question watch the Catalyst documentary, see link below

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