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Neuroscientist Says Chiro Changes the Way the Brain Functions.

Neuroscientist Says Chiro Changes the Way the Brain Functions.


Neuroscientist and Chiropractor Dr Heidi Haavik states in her book titled The Reality Check….”The most interesting thing that came from all these experiments is that Chiropractic care, adjusting the spine to restore spinal function actually changes the way the brain functions”.



Studies in the last 15 years that her research group conducted as well as other global research suggest that spinal adjustments can trigger changes in the body such as:

    •  improved or altered visual acuity & visual field size
    • improved joint position sense (your brain can tell where your arms and legs are in space without having to look at them)
    • changes in the way our brain perceives and responds to sensory (feeling) & motor (moving) information. Everyone would agree that its vital that our brain maintains an accurate and up-to-date inner “map”……how detrimental would a faulty map be?
    • improved to messages from brain/spinal cord to your muscles
    • increased muscle strength in legs
    • reduced muscle fatigue
    • improved muscle reflexes & reaction time
    • increased speed at which the brain processes information

Dr Haavik also states that muscle impairment and dysfunction occurs early in the onset of spinal complaints (neck pain, back pain). The muscles around the spine don’t work properly early on in the development of spinal pain. This kind of muscle problem does not automatically resolve even when the pain symptoms improve.

It seems that science is finally catching up with what our patients have been telling us all along……not in these words but along these lines!

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