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Turbo charge your Detox with Colonic Cleansing


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Turbo charge your Detox with Colonic Cleansing


To detox or not to detox – that is the question! 

Detox is the new black…everyone is doing it or talking about it.

There is so much detox information out there that it can be overwhelming and the market is flooded with detox DIY products…

We know it is beneficial…



But why is detox important?

Well, it’s nothing new – people have been fasting and cleansing throughout the ages, whether for religious or spiritual purposes or due to illness – historical references date back to 2700BC…which is a long long time ago!

And why now is it becoming so much more – well…mainstream?

Given the world that we live in and the lifestyles that we lead it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there is a greater need for not only more awareness generally, but also, a need for us to assist our poor bodies as they constantly work to repair damage and protect us as best they can from all that we are exposed to on a daily basis either by choice (that is, what we choose to put into ourselves) or the simple act of daily life in an urban setting.

Think about it – the air that we breathe and the pollution in that air, the chemicals we are exposed to – for example cleaning products – both for the house and what we use on our bodies. The foods we eat – not everyone can afford to eat only organic produce and the regular stuff is sprayed with lots of heavy duty chemicals (and that’s not even getting into the impact modern farming has on the nutritional content of food!)

Our body is constantly working via pathways of detoxification to process and eliminate toxins – the lungs, liver, bowel, kidneys and skin bearing the brunt of the elimination process, as well as the blood and lymphatic system…


So what can we do to help?

Whilst making a long-term changes of better overall choices on what we eat, products we use and expose ourselves to should be a focus, doing a detox or cleanse is a bit like spring cleaning your house –> something not everyone looks forward to but once you get going it’s quite satisfying and afterwards you feel so much better for having done it!




How do you know that you need a detox?

The short answer – everyone would benefit from a detox at least once in a 12month period. But have a look at the list of questions below and if you answer yes to 3 or more of the symptoms below and/or 3 or more of the lifestyle habits, it’s a clear indication that your body is showing the signs of toxicity and that a cleanse would be a great way to reduce that overload.


Below are a few common symptoms of toxic overload:

  • waking up feeling tired, sluggish, fatigued
  • problems concentrating, staying focused or with short term memory
  • allergies – seasonal, environmental, food
  • digestive disturbances – gas, bloating, cramps, indigestion, heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation
  • sugar cravings
  • joint or back pain
  • regular headaches
  • bad breath or a coated tongue
  • dull skin, eczema, psoriasis

Along with these symptoms our day to day environment and lifestyle can add to the strain…check the list below and see how many apply to you

  • use of domestic cleaning products, insect sprays etc
  • exposure to chemicals at work
  • antibiotics use in the last 12months
  • regular medications – either prescription or over the counter (including the pill)
  • a diet high in sugar or processed foods
  • smoking
  • drinking coffee daily (1 or more)
  • drinking alcohol regularly
  • drinking less than 1.5-2L water/day


How did you go?…

When heading into winter – traditionally the season of hibernating, when the days are shorter – and it can be harder to stay motivated in these colder months…whether it’s motivated to get up early when the alarm goes off and go to that yoga class, or for a run, gym session etc…the snooze button getting hit just “one more time” til its too late to get there, or you wake up to pelting rain and the though of going out into it is so not enticing and you decide (like I did last week) to go tomorrow instead…or you load up on carbs & heavier, richer foods, curled up on the couch channel surfing and often eating more than you need in an unconscious (in many cases) attempt to keep the body a little more padded and protected from the cold…

Why not try and head off that start to winter with an autumnal cleanse?? A little different to a spring or summer cleanse in that we will focus more on warming broths and soups as a base as well as classic juicing to support your body and get you in a lighter and brighter space to start your winter months with more spring in your step!


Colonics and Detoxing

Melbourne Colonic Room 1

Our Colonic Room

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Cleansing 


Are all interchangeable terms for the same treatment, which is the use of warm & cool water to affect a gentle flushing of the large intestine, ie the bowel.



Why have a Colonic Cleanse?

Well the bowel works closely with the liver in the elimination of wastes and toxins, once the liver has processed and packaged the toxins it “dumps” them into the bowel so that they may be removed from the body… sounds great so far yes?

Very organised, efficient and neat… well, it would be if everyone had a bowel that was working as well as it should be… but many don’t.

Ideally you should be moving your bowel 2-4/day – good movements – complete, well formed, not super stinky, gassy, loose, mucous-y or alternatively hard to move – pellets, “long skinnies”, or with mucous or blood present in the stool (remember too please – small amounts of bright red blood are not ideal but suggest a haemorrhoid or fissure and may not be cause for alarm, though if occurring  regularly certainly should not be ignored! Darker blood indicates a bleed higher up in the bowel and you should see your GP to make sure there is not more serious pathology (disease) that needs to be attended to!)

How many of you are doing that? 2-4/day I hear you say?? Surely not! Maybe 1/day or quite commonly 1 every 2-3days… on the flip side are the people with the over-active 3+/day but loose, urgent and uncomfortable…neither is ok and often the people with the looser stools also have an underlying problem with constipation.


So many variables – how do you know what’s right?

Well, that’s where we come in – our Colon Hydrotherapists are highly trained with the ability to not only assist by “reducing the load” but also assessing the releases to give you more insight about what’s really happening on the inside.

But I digress – Colonics and Detox – why would I suggest you combine them?

Simply put – colonics will turbo charge your detox and make the whole process more comfortable.

How? As you are detoxing and the bad bacteria/parasites etc in the bowel are dying you can for a short time feel worse as your body processes the toxins, plus your are doing your own internal cellular cleansing at the same time and the body can get overloaded – by including colonics into your cleanse protocol you can help to reduce or sometimes even negate this.

Think about it, people often carry 2-4+kg of old waste in their bowels at any one time… clearing out as much of that accumulated waste as you can each session will lighten the load and allow the body to cleanse more deeply more quickly and at the same time reduce the stress on your elimination pathways. So really, the question is – why wouldn’t you?


Come in and see us today – Sara Canney our Naturopath and Colonic Hydrotherapist will tailor the perfect detox plan for your needs.









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