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Aftercare for colonics – recommendations

Colonics After Care

Colonics After Care

Stay hydrated – remember we’re supposed to be about 70% water! Make sure your drink enough fluids – herbal teas as long as they aren’t caffeinated will assist in hydrating you, as will soups, broths & juicy fruits & veggies.

Ask yourself – do you want to be the fresh juicy slice of apple or the dried apple?! 😉

Food for the rest of the day – easy to digest, warming, nurturing foods – miso soup, soup, steamed or stir fried veggies with light protein, juices, smoothies – whatever takes your fancy, but lighter is better… support your body’s natural cleansing processes that have started with your colonic and will continue as long as they can after the treatment.


Fermented foods – fantastic for gut health and good bowel flora, including fermented foods as part of your daily routine is hugely beneficial for not only digestive health but also your overall health and wellness. Sauerkraut, kim chi, fermented veggies, miso, tempeh, kombucha, kefir, good quality plain yoghurt – get into it!


Probiotics – it’s important to take a good quality probiotic as part of your wellness protocol & especially during your course of colonic treatments. You will loose a small amount of good bacteria during the treatment alongside the bad bacteria, toxins & accumulated faecal waste; therefore putting the “good guys” back in is recommended.


We have a variety of practitioner quality probiotics and your colonic hydrotherapist will be able to discuss with your which best suits your requirements.

Avoid – alcohol, heavy rich foods & super spicy foods.


Tips for hydration & health

  • Himalayan salt or Celtic Sea Salt – add a pinch of either of these to your water to increase absorption and utilisation of your water… some people find that though they may drink plenty during the day that they don’t feel hydrated or that their bowel movements are still more constipated or “pellet” like in formation. The salts are mineral rich (bonus!) and will ensure you “hold” the water for longer and are better hydrated with it. – you may prefer a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to the salt, this will assist with hydration too…
  • Chlorophyll – rich in magnesium chlorophyll is a wonderful addition to your water, it helps to soften the impacted faecal matter in the bowel, making it easier to release, it alkalizes you systemically, has a blood cleansing effect, is a deodoriser and being rich in magnesium it feeds and calms the nervous system, assists with energy production and is a muscle relaxant. All good things!!
  • Dose is 20ml/1L of water 2x day (your colonic hydrotherapist may adjust this for your specific needs)
  • Eat slowly – too many of us rush our meals or aren’t mindful when eating – having loaded up the next mouthful before the one we have in our mouth is consumed. Put your cutlery down between bites. Enjoy your food, appreciate the smell and taste of it, make it visually appealing with lots of colour, fresh seasonal produce and variety.


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