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Getting mad or forgetful after taking a laxative?

Getting mad or forgetful after taking a laxative?

Is Overuse of Laxatives Making us Crazy? Have you caught yourself getting mad or forgetful after taking a laxative? Well, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that’s exactly what certain best-selling laxatives may have the potential to do to you. Nothing proven but the FDA has identified a significant potential safety issue to make it on their list. In Australia, our equivalent regulatory body is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). So go on line (see links below) and check out what’s making their list. It pays to do a little research on reputable websites.


Laxatives are one of the most popular drugs sold worldwide and it’s time to rethink our options and head towards healthier alternatives. Our colonic hydrotherapists deal with malfunctioning bowel activities constantly and opting for colonic hydrotherapy is a good starting point to help retrain poor bowel movements and tone the bowel wall.

When combined with removing gluten from your diet, eating whole foods, avoiding artificial sweetness and sugar, boosting fermented foods in your diet as well as probiotics, staying hydrated with water, avoiding certain drugs that are known to constipate and exercising can be effective options.

Natural alternatives generally don’t make it on anyone’s adverse “Sus Gus” list, however, they do require more effort and patience as they are often slow acting as the body readjusts itself, but the rewards can be life changing.


For  FDA drug risk list  Click Here   &  TGA adverse drug reports  Click Here





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