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Exercise Rehabilitation

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Exercise Rehabilitation


Our Physiotherapist and Chiropractors provide individualised structured exercise rehabilitation programs specific to the type and severity of injury sustained.





All exercise rehabilitation programs are evidence based. This means that only proven exercise methods and strategies are recommended based on current research to get the best results as fast as possible. We understand the importance of incorporating movement as soon as possible after an injury. Rehabilitation in the initial stages is critical for better short term and long term outcomes.

When determining an exercise rehabilitation program many factors need to be considered such as

  • type of injury
  • level of injury
  • current phase of recovery
  • history of previous injury to the same location
  • other medical conditions that may impact recovery
  • persons general fitness level
  • persons nutrition – to support healing tissues
  • persons occupation and hobbies – may accelerate or interfere with recovery
  • persons age
  • persons level of commitment

As everyone recovers at different speeds, rehabilitation programs need to be intermittently re-assessed to make sure a solid recovery is on track. The program should be challenging enough to stimulate without the risk of re-injuring the region.



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