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Acupuncture – What to Expect On Your First Visit

What to Expect On Your First Visit to Our Melbourne Clinic



Our Melbourne Acupuncturist Chris Doyle has been working at Brunswick Health since 2002. He is an experienced Acupuncturist and welcomes all Acupuncture enquiries to give you an opportunity to find out if Acupuncture can help you.




Your Initial Consultation includes:


Discussing your medical history 

Previous injuries, accidents, traumas or illnesses that may be impacting on your current health status.

Physical examination 

Includes modern as well as traditional Acupuncture methods used and taught at universities worldwide. Specific test results signify important information that helps determine diagnosis and treatment plan.

Your First Treatment

Because we only use high-quality disposable needles, the sensation is no more than a slight pinch. This will remove any apprehension you may have about the experience if it’s your first time.

Treatment recommendations

Our Acupuncturist will provide treatment recommendations for both immediate relief of symptoms as well as long-term sustainable health goals. All questions are welcome to aid towards a greater understanding leading to informed decisions.


What you can Expect

After your initial Acupuncture consultations you can expect to have a clearer understanding of:

  • What’s wrong
  • Whether we are able to use Acupuncture to treat your condition
  • The most likely cause of your condition
  • How long it will take to get better
  • How to avoid re-occurrence
  • What lifestyle changes you need to make to help your recovery



Call 9380 8099 or use our convenient online booking form if you are interested in making an appointment.



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