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New research using MRI technology suggests Chiropractic Adjustments has an immediate effect on the brain regions that are involved in processing pain.



It also measured significant changes to other parts of the brain that controls :

      • Emotional Formation & Processing, Learning, Memory, Motivation (Cingulate Cortex, also known as the Limbic Cortex)
      • Consciousness, Regulates Homeostasis, Perception, Motor Control, Self-Awareness, Cognitive Function & Interpersonal Experience. (Insular Cortex)
      • Planning, Controlling & Executing Voluntary Movement (Motor Cortex)
      • Processing Memory, Decision Making & Emotional Reactions (Amygdala Cortex)
      • Processing sensations from our skin, muscles, bones, joints, internal organs and cardiovascular (heart) system. It achieves this through a number of different types of specialised sensors that are designed to detect touch, pressure, stretch, vibration, temperature, pain, and movement. (Somatosensory Cortex-Complex Sensory System)

More research is obviously needed to exam these areas more closely and it certainly helps to explain why elite athletes seek regular Chiro care and why parents with children that have motor (movement) and learning disabilities are noticing positive changes as well.

These are all exciting possibilities that have life changing potential!

To read the full scientific paper click here

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