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Contraindications & Reactions to Skin Needling

Skin Needling Contraindications & Reactions Melbourne

Skin Needling Contraindications & Reactions


Just to be clear….. Skin Needling is an amazing therapy that will help improve, repair and create a more youthful look for the reasons discussed in earlier articles, but there are conditions where skin needling is not appropriate and in some cases NEVER to be considered.

Below is a list of conditions that discusses each category and remember before any skin needling takes place not only do you need to cleared of contraindications but also tested for possible reactions to the skin needling and the products used alongside with the skin needling.



No self-respecting skin clinician would launch into treatment without conducting a small skin test patch which is why an initial consultation should always take place before and separate from full treatment. The full extent of any skin reactions may not be obvious until the next day so just because it looks ok in a few minutes does not mean it will look the same in a few hours. Better safe than sorry and personally I would not attend a clinic that did not consider this an important part of my assessment.

So when is it not appropriate to have skin needling?


The Never To Have Group


If you skin needle a keloid you will activate more collagen formation hence the keloid will grow further which is the last thing a person with a keloid wants to see happen. Remember one of the most important things skin needling does, it stimulates collagen production so this is potentially a disaster for keloid prone individuals!

A keloid is a thick overgrown scar resulting from excessive growth of collagen that can occur after injury and is more prevalent in people of African descent.


Haemophiliacs and Other Blood Disorders

If you suffer from any condition where your body does not have the ability to produce adequate platelets to stop bruising and bleeding then this procedure is not for you.


Skin Disease

Suffering from any type of skin disease would most likely be a contraindication to Skin Needling. 


Poor Health

Anyone that is under medical care for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, suffers from a compromised immune system and is generally considered to be a poor healer,  is most likely not a candidate for Skin Needling.


The Can Have but have to Wait Group



If you are taking anti-coagulants you can bruise and bleed easily so best to wait until you are medically advised your blood platelets have returned to normal levels. Common scenarios where anticoagulants are used are in cases of deep vein thrombosis either after long plane trips or surgery especially surgery to the lower leg, usually prescribed as a precautionary measure.


Active Acne

Once the acne is no longer active you are good to go. Skin needling active acne is never advised.


Active Cold Sores (Herpes Labialis)

Need to wait until this is fully recovered otherwise the fluid in the cold sore (that contains thousands of active Herpes Simplex viruses) will have an effective vehicle to spread easily and readily to unaffected skin regions spreading the contamination effectively!  Skin therapists can work around these lesions,  but we recommend that you wait so all the skin can be worked on in the one session and there is no risk of spread whatsoever.


Active Shingles or Chicken Pox (Varicella-Zoster Virus)

Is a  highly contagious virus hence the same applies as above. Shingles is essentially the reactivation of chickenpox virus usually seen in elderly or immune-compromised individuals.


Just had Invasive Skin Laser Treatment

Need to wait until the skin fully recovers before any further procedures are undertaken


Just had  Botox or Other Injectables 

Need to wait approximately 2 months before any further procedures are undertaken especially if injected with Teosyal, Sculptra or Artefill.


Just had Dermal Fillers

With dermal fillers you can undertake skin needling 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the dermal fillers are inserted.


Just had Facial Surgery

Need to wait until the skin fully recovers before any further procedures are undertaken. Usually, 6 months is a safe estimate and clearance from your surgeon.


New Scars

Need to wait until the skin fully recovers before any further procedures are undertaken. Usually, 6 months is a safe estimate.



If you are currently prescribed corticosteroids best to avoid skin needling as these drugs have a skin thinning effect. The longer you are on this medication the bigger the effect on the skin. The skin would need to be examined on a case by case basis and clearance from your doctor is also advised.


Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

Your body is very busy during this phase developing and feeding your baby, so best not to add the burden of tissue repair especially if you have a choice. Some pregnancies can be complicated such as gestational diabetes so not all things are always easy. There is also a risk of having a reaction and even though we always do a precautionary “skin test patch” during your initial consultation, we would nevertheless prefer our pregnant and breastfeeding patients not to experience this at all. Medical clearance from your doctor would be required prior any skin needling appointments.