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Does Skin Needling Hurt?

We Promise it Won’t Hurt!

Does Skin Needling Hurt? Well, honestly, not as much as you think it will.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why people ask this question; just the sound of “Skin Needling” can conjure up horror images of the dentist trying to sneak one in. 

When someone asks me if skin needling hurts, my first response is usually, “compared to other treatments, no”. And by other treatments, I am talking about common cosmetic procedures such as acid peels, tattoos, fractional laser treatment, Botox and fillers – if you have survived these treatments then Skin Needling will be a walk in the park!

Skin Needling does (of course) involve needles, however, the needles are so fine and so fast the sensation is more like a prickly toothbrush sweeping across your face.

At Brunswick Health, we use the world’s best technology for our skin needling treatments, Dermapen. The mechanical device rotates the needles at such a fast rate and penetrates the skin at precise depths minimising the discomfort other devices on the market simply cannot achieve. Dermastamp and Dermaroller are usually more painful in comparison.

Everyone’s tolerance for discomfort is different, some patients have no problems having needling done on any area, seriously they literally don’t even feel anything! Some simply feel the unfamiliar sensation and are surprised by the minimal discomfort. But let’s be honest, for some, the discomfort and in some cases, the fear is too much for them, so we always offer the option of a topical anaesthetic cream applied to the area before treatment. This can further minimise any discomfort and keep their minds at ease.




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