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Health Philosophy


We could write a book on each of our health premises but for our purposes here on our website, we have kept it brief without losing the essence of the message.



Health Premise # 1

“The body is a self-healing and self-regulating entity with innate intelligence”.

We believe this for many reasons …….for example if you cut yourself your body would stop the bleeding and heal the cut… a Band-Aid or a pill could not achieve this. Your body knows exactly what it needs without any assistance or instructions.

Think about these 3 questions

           Q1 How does the body know where the cut is, to stop the bleeding. There are millions of blood vessels, how does it know which one it needs to constrict and activate the blood clotting? What would happen if it started to clot the wrong site, say for example a brain blood vessel or not clot at all, what would the outcome be? Not good that’s for sure! In these 2 examples, it would be a choice between a stroke or bleeding to death, so not something you want your body to get wrong and pretty clever that it always gets it right!

Q2 If a cadaver was cut would it heal?…..interesting question isn’t it?

It stands to reason that one can assume that the body has an “innate” (inborn) intelligence and “life force” to self-heal and regulate.

            Q3 Could thousands of years of genetic engineering get it wrong? Through a process of natural selection certain genetic lines survive and thrive, so why are we so afraid to trust it?

So if you are reading this, I am hoping you are beginning to realise that it’s a miracle that you are even here. The chances of you being you, are pretty amazing. So how is it that thousands of years of genetic excellence has lead us to a time in history where we are sicker than ever, despite having more medicine available than any other time in history? A pretty scary thought yet our current reality none the less.

The rise and rise of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity etc.. are escalating out of control with no end in sight. Our genetics is not to blame as the change here is very marginal in fact one could even say almost insignificant. So if our genes have hardly changed why are we so sick and getting sicker with each generation? Living the way we live and believing that takings drugs to enhance our health and wellbeing is marketing genius invented by madmen or ruthless big pharma. Billions of dollars are spent every year to convince you that your body is helpless, stupid and somehow poorly designed in desperate need of drugs. In fact, big pharma only spends a small portion of its budget on medical research as most of their budget is directed towards marketing….to convince you that you can’t live without it. Somehow with constant bombardment from big pharma’s marketing machine, we have lost sight of the obvious…..our bodies heal us and is capable of self-regulating and adapting to a changing environment providing we look after it.

Health Premise # 2

“Health Comes From Within”

By this we mean that health and vitality occur from within your body, it can’t be gained from the outside by taking medications or having surgeries. Often we hear patients concerned they may give us their cold or flu, that somehow our health status is universally the same hence susceptible to the same infections. To this we say if it was that simple your GP should by rights be one of the sickest individuals. In fact, they should barely attend practice as they see infected people every day all day, so why aren’t they sick? Why do they tell their patients to wear masks, use antibacterial hand gels and avoid contact with others while they themselves sit at their desk taking none of their own advice. If we went by their measures they should be wearing a space suit with breathing apparatus not attending in civilian clothing touching surfaces with their bare hands. So there must be more to it than just simply having bad luck at “catching” something and living in fear that something is going to get us, that somehow ,something, from the outside will reach in and get us! I know I’m no sitting duck nor are you.

We at any given time are exposed to thousands of different strains of viruses daily and viruses cleverly constantly mutate, so science is never going to have the upper hand. By the time they work out how to kill a particular virus, it has mutated rendering treatment obsolete. If you use public transport in peak hours you are in the firing line of million of viral strains……so why aren’t we sick all the time? It would make sense to consider that some immune systems are stronger and more effective than others and if you are constantly sick then you have to ask yourself why is your immune system so compromised?…. .Important clue……it’s not due to a lack of drugs or vaccinations.

I personally have had 2 sick days in 25 years, and I say this not to blow my own trumpet nor to say I am somehow special or lucky but merely to demonstrate it can be done. What’s my secret I hear you ask? Simple…. good wholesome food, exercise, rest, sleep, water, positive outlook, loving relationships, avoiding chemicals & drugs as well as seeing my Chiro for regular “tunes up” for my nervous system. It is fact that your nervous system controls your immune system so if you want a better functioning immune system look beyond and focus on what controls it. No matter what state your immune system is in, these measures will have a positive effect.

Autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing and one can’t help but ponder what have we done to ourselves to create such a mess? It’s not genetics because this hasn’t altered for thousand of years so why is our immune system that has protected us for centuries now confusing us with a foreign invader, almost as if it’s acquired a form of Alzheimer’s. It’s a big question that has lead to a lot of controversy, so perhaps I’ll leave it for another time…..Clue…. we live in a toxic soup of chemicals both household and medical. Any chemical that has a neurotoxic effect on your nervous system will affect your immune system. One in particular comes to mind, can you guess?


Health Premise # 3

To call medicine… health care or wellness care is an oxymoron, medicine is all about sickcare not health care.

My question to you is, have you ever met a person that has achieved optimal and vital health by taking drugs? I haven’t. Now I’m not saying that drugs aren’t necessary, in some cases they are absolutely essential but what I am saying is……. it won’t improve enhance or be directly responsible for a healthy vitality.

Let’s look at this from the example of a person who has high blood pressure and is managed by medication. How long do they have to take this medication? Most likely for the rest of their lives. So from this example, you can see that the medication does not cure the problem of high blood pressure ever because if it did, the person would not need to take it for the rest of their lives. Medicine targets symptoms, not the cause. In this example, if the cause was targeted the blood pressure would return to normal….agreed?

It is important to have in your mind a clear understanding of the limitations of “sick-care”…there are no happy endings just a lifetime of drug therapy which by my standard just simply isn’t good enough…I want better solutions… I want to address the cause.

It might shock you to know the most common cause of high blood pressure is being overweight. I’m not saying there are no other causes but let’s just look at the most common one. When a person is overweight there have more fat cells, these bigger and more numerous body cells demand more nutrients and oxygen, these are cells just like any other cell otherwise they die without this vital supply.

The body transports nutrients and oxygen via the blood. So how does the body supply this increased need? Simple, it increases the blood pressure to meet the supply-demand ratio!

So is increased blood pressure a disease state or is it an adaptive state that the body has undergone in order for all its cells to survive and thrive? If you agree it’s a necessary adaptive state, why do we address the increased blood pressure (a symptom of an adaptive state) rather than the cause (being overweight). It seems our mainstream medical approach is idiotic when drugs are handed out like candy without the education and encouragement of the obvious lifestyle change that overweight individuals need to lose weight! I’m not saying its the easy option as most people that are overweight don’t want to be, this I am sure of, but wouldn’t it be better to spend money on research to understand why certain individuals can’t lose weight then put professional programs together to assist these individuals rather than pour taxpayers funds into the pharmaceutical abyss that has no end in sight?

It really is a matter of life or death when you realise the biggest number 1 killer of the developed countries is cardiovascular disease. You may by this stage start to think….. if health professionals understand this yet do nothing about it, does it amount to the failure of duty of care? In the end, it comes down health philosophy. If you believe the body can’t heal or regulate itself properly without drugs then this approach would be logical.

Your beliefs will determine your actions and what you are willing to accept. So my question is, are you willing to accept “sick care” or “wellness care” because if you are interested in wellness care, choose a wellness practitioner, don’t expect a model based on “sickness care” to provide you with “wellness care” as it simply can’t, it’s not designed to.


Health Premise # 4

The nervous system (brain+ spinal cord + all nerves) is the master control system of your entire body hence a normal functioning nervous system is essential to health. You can’t have one without the other.

The nervous system is the master system that connects, coordinates, regulates and controls all other sub-systems such as your heart, lungs muscles, endocrine, immune system, gut, skin etc… If you compromise the communication channels then you comprise your health. You only have to look at actor Christopher Reeves to see the ill effects and early death caused by damaging and compromising the master control system. Cut the nervous system at the top of the spinal cord and nothing works…….no breathing, no heartbeat, no digestion, no feeling, no movement from the neck down….just a big fat nothing, other than the ability to roll your eyes and swear at your poor misfortune as your body shuts down!

Fortunately, most of us haven’t severed our spinal cord but just about all of us have some level of spinal nerve irritation and or compression. Our spine by design has 2 important roles, one to completely surround and protect our delicate spinal cord and nerves and the other is to provide movement with a high level of dexterity.

Consequently, we have 24 moving bones rather than a solid single bone which would be simpler, wouldn’t it?. But if we weren’t designed this way, we wouldn’t be able to do up our shoelaces. Try strapping a bar to your back and then try and move…not much fun. So to overcome this engineering dilemma the body is designed with 24 moving bones with the spinal nerves exiting from the spinal cord via small holes created by the vertebra above and the one below.

This solution is great but has one major drawback…these nerves can be compressed or stretched by these moving bones if the joints get irritated and start to swell (which is the normal reaction to any joint that is irritated). Each vertebrae has 2 joints above and 2 joints below plus a disc above and below so we are talking an area ( from head to pelvis) jam-packed with joints and sitting right next to them are loads of spinal nerves….makes me nervous just thinking about it and in awe that we don’t upset this area more often considering its complexity! Your nerves are a direct extension of your brain, sure it contains different types of neurons but it’s not a separate system. Your brain sends and receives all information via these pathways. Block the pathway and you block your brain’s ability to interpret its environment both inside and out. How well can your body navigate its changing environment half blind?

Chiropractors are the champions of restoring order to the master control centre….it is what they do best. As a profession they are famous for a lot of things and most would associate them as back or bone “go to ” profession but the truth is, they only have one thing in mind…….your nervous system and how to find and correct any interference to it. As the nervous system is most likely to suffer irritation at the spinal level it is this that Chiros primarily target.

These 24 moving bones are often the culprits of compressing and compromising the highly sensitive nervous system that is intolerant of any pressing or pulling of its highly delicate structures. Consequently when irritation of the nervous system is removed the brain gets its body in order and all sort of health issues start to clear up such as indigestion, heartburn, constipation, breathing disorders, energy levels etc.. in fact the list is too long to mention because once the nervous system is “rebooted” all sort of health improvements occur. Because the nervous system is the master control system that regulates all other sub-systems, the health benefits of a fully functioning nervous system are global. This is the simple genius of Chiropractic…it can have a profound effect on your health because it has a profound effect on your nervous system.

Personally, I could never imagine life without having my nervous system “rebooted” on a regular basis. I’m one of the lucky ones that fell into this profession because it made sense to look at the system that controls all other subsystems. Combined with wholesome food and moderate exercise it’s a clear path to sustainable good health.


Health Premise # 5

The majority of health complaints are linked to 3 lifestyle stressors

  1. physical (how you use your body)
  2. biochemical (what you put into your body) and
  3. psychological (the mind/body connection).


When these stresses in their negative form accumulate beyond what your body can adapt to, it adversely affects your nervous system and consequently your general overall health.

Hence the only sensible way forward to obtain and achieve better health for each individual is to address the physical, biochemical & psychological stressors. Once these are removed the body will be able to self-heal and self-regulate optimally.

The journey to wellness is an ongoing process, it is a lifestyle choice that embraces the basics of ……good movement…….good food and a positive attitude to life. Drugs are no substitute, as they can never replace exercise, good nutrition or change a pessimistic outlook to an optimistic one…..the good news is, you can!

One of our key focuses at Brunswick Health, is to help unravel the confusion, help better decisions about health and well-being with willing and motivated participants. If our health philosophy doesn’t resonate with you then we are not the right fit, as we don’t want to drag people kicking and screaming along this journey. It’s not that we don’t want to reach and teach as many people as possible but rather we choose to spend our energy and limited resources on those that really want to shift their health and wellbeing up a gear or two.

The fact is, most people will make healthier choices and live a healthier life if they know what to do and how to do it. Just briefly consider the benefits that good health can bring and the devastating costs associated being sick or living in pain. The choice is clear.

With wellness in mind, we open the door of discovery for you,  it provides you with a simplification of how your body works and what happens if you don’t take care of it. We will explain the How the Why and the What….. empowering and motivating you towards better health. You see no matter where you are on the health scale, you can always improve yourself, you just need to take the first step, then the next. The 2 things that you must always bring along is Hope and Willingness and the rest will follow.





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