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Postural & Gait Assessments



Computerised Postural Assessments

Chiropractic Posture CheckOur chiropractors routinely offer free postural assessments using the latest computerised assessment tools. These are completely non-invasive and recommended for people of all ages to check for postural deviations.

Issues can be present without symptoms – and a pro-active approach to early detection and treatment is highly recommended.

You do not need to be one of our patients to take advantage of our free postural assessment at our Melbourne practice. Everyone is welcome as we offer it as a community service. It’s also a great time to ask any question on how to improve your posture with self-help tips!

Phone (03) 9380 8099 to book your postural assessment appointment.





Gait and Foot Assessments


  • Need To Check Your Feet Using Revolutionary Computer Technology?
  • Are your feet sore first thing in the morning?
  • Do you have shin pain, unexplained back or knee pain?
  • Do you shift from one foot to the other when standing in a queue?
  • Would you like to improve your overall foot function?

If this sounds familiar chances are your feet might benefit from getting checked!


Using state of the art revolutionary computer scanning technology we can:


  • Assess the arches in your feet when you weight bear and walk
  • Utilise 4096 industrial sensors that will provide a precise 2D & 3D computer generated picture of your feet in action as you walk across the sensor pad
  • Provide a sophisticated explanation and printed report of your foot mechanics that assists with orthotic, shoe and/or runner solution


Our Melbourne clinic offers Foot Computerised Scan. Simply call 9380 8099 to make an appointment 



The average pair of feet walks the equivalent of 4 times around the world in their lifetime, so it’s no surprise that the arches in our feet will sometimes fail us.

Feet problems can cause knee problems that can cause low back problems that can cause neck problems. Consider how faulty foundations of a house will cause the cornices to crack.





5 Chiropractic or Physiotherapy Medicare Visits

Did you know that Medicare will rebate 5 Chiropractic or Physiotherapy visits each year because the government recognises the benefits of both Chiropractic and Physiotherapy care?

Your GP must first refer you to our clinic under the “EPC” scheme and once your GP lodges all the correct paperwork with Medicare simply take your paid consultation receipts from Brunswick Health to your closet Medicare outlet to claim your Medicare rebate. You are entitled to 5 Medicare rebates in total each year providing your GP lodges the correct paperwork each year with Medicare. If your GP does not refer you, then you will not be eligible to claim any treatments.

To View our brochure about free Chiropractic care on Medicare Click Here






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