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Our Massage Therapists & Myotherapist

Our Massage Therapists & Myotherapists are focused on providing the best possible care and management of muscle dysfunction – by working to restore and maintain the body’s soft tissues structures-eliminating symptoms such as pain, stiffness, weakness, numbness, tingling and fatigue. They can also offer relaxation massage and massage during all stages of pregnancy and injury recovery.


Our Clinic has 7 Highly Qualified Massage Therapists & Myotherapist that are Australian Trained with Tertiary Qualifications.


They are recognised providers meeting all the requirements for private health insurance registration. They work closely with our Chiros and Physio to obtain the best results.


Natalie Turner Myotherapist

Natalie Turner Myotherapist

Natalie Turner – (Adv Dip Science Myotherapy, Member IRMA)

Natalie for many years was one of the key massage therapist for the professional rugby team Storm. She has worked full time at Brunswick Health Melbourne since 2001. She has a firm approach and a vast knowledge of sport related injuries helping active people remain active from all walks of life.





Amanda Poon Myotherapist &  Remedial Massage Therapist

Amanda Poon Myotherapist & Remedial Massage Therapist

Amanda Poon – Myotherapist & Remedial Massage Therapist – Member MAA- Myotherapy Association Australia. (Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (RMIT), Diploma of Remedial Massage, Certificate IV Massage Therapy, Australian Institute of Applied Sciences). 

Amanda is our newest member who already has accumulated a vast knowledge base with multiple qualifications, a testament to her passion for knowledge and result driven. Amanda is an established practitioner with the full package offering exercise programs, postural assessments, alleviating muscle tension, fast injury recovery strategies as well as nutritional support. She is serious about health and her mission is to help as many people possible. There is no half way with Amanda, so if you’re ready for the next level or just want to chill at your current pace, Amanda can accommodate. She has a lovely manner that will make you feel at home right away.





Rachel Smith Remedial Massage Therapist

Rachel Smith Remedial Massage Therapist

Rachel Smith- Huelsebusch – Massage Therapist (Diploma Remedial Therapies, Member AAMT)

Rachel has been working as a qualified massage therapist since 2004. We are fortunate to have Rachel join us as she brings years of experience and a mature approach to her work. She is dedicated to the welfare of her patients constantly advising them on reasonable lifestyle changes to help them achieve their individual health goals. Her friendly and helpful approach is winning the respect of her patients.




John Goodridge Remedial Massage Therapy

John Goodridge Remedial Massage Therapist

John Goodridge – Massage Therapist (Diploma App Science, Remedial Therapies, Member ATMS)

John has been working over 30 years as the massage therapist as well as a trainer for the VFL Bendigo Bombers and on occasions the AFL Essendon Football club. He has been with us at Brunswick Health for the last 18 years establishing a loyal crew of clients mostly elite athletes that use massage as part of their preparation and well as injury prevention. John will tell it as it is, with no fluff and keeps his clients on the move and focused on their end goal.





Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle Remedial Massage Therapist

Chris Doyle (B Health Sc Acupuncture, Advanced Dip Health Sc Acupuncture, Dip App Sc Remedial Therapies, Colonic Hydrotherapy Foundation Level, Member of AACMA & ATMS)

Chris is an experienced Massage Therapist having worked in the field since 1996. In addition to his Remedial Massage diploma, he holds a degree in Acupuncture and more recently completed a course in Colonic Hydrotherapy to assist body detoxification processes.

With his vast experience and complex skill set, he is able to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. He is known for his “iron thumbs” and dedication to his patients.




Frank Rossi Remedial Massage Therapist

Frank Rossi Remedial Massage Therapist

Frank Rossi – Diploma App Science Remedial Therapies, Member ATMS

Accredited Graduating with a Diploma of Remedial Massage Frank has helped many people over the past few years overcome both Acute and Chronic pain with his thorough diagnosis and unique treatment style.

He specialises in holistic, therapeutic treatments incorporating Deep Tissue Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET’S) and stretching.

Frank has massaged top Australian competing triathletes as well as their coaches.



Paris Tremayne Remedial Massage Therapist

Paris Tremayne Remedial Massage Therapist

Paris Tremayne –Massage therapist (Diploma Remedial Therapies, Member AAMT)

Paris has good life balance moving from his art work to body work. He is a local aspiring artist who also enjoys the physical hands on approach of massage. His main focus in massage is musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. He delivers a firm massage helping release active trigger points that are often responsible for pain and numbness referral patterns. He has a very relaxed demeanor with serious hands.



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