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Gut RevolutionIt’s long been said “you are what you eat” but a more accurate description would be “you are what your microbes eat!” 


“Catalyst” an ABC program ran a 2 part series titled “Gut Revolution” that should be on everybody’s “to watch” list. The program explores the latest research on the community of microorganisms that live inside us called the microbiome.


Very few people realise we have more microbial DNA than human DNA, a scary thought to think a third party has more DNA invested in us than us….but nevertheless a true fact. Our bodies contain trillions of microorganisms so it’s no wonder they may have a significant effect on our health.


Understanding the microbiome could unlock answers to inflammatory disease, digestive problems, unexplained weight gain or even mood swings. When you realise that some microbes produce anti-inflammatory chemicals and vitamins while others speed the conversion of calories into body fat you start to realise the devastation or rejuvenation these little critters can have.


The microbiome is thought to influence our wellbeing significantly so the sooner we understand what influences these different communities the smarter our health strategies can become.


Every person’s microbiome is unique. Many factors such as diet, age, body mass index, gender and antibiotic use, play a role in our microbial composition. In a matter of weeks, we can reshape the microbes in our gut for the better or for worse.


Science has come a long way regarding gut health and research is flowing in with abundance, creating a much greater understanding. With new technologies, scientists can rapidly and systematically identify specific microorganisms with unprecedented accuracy. 

To get your microbiome tested, call and make an appointment with one of our Naturopaths. They will organise the test, interpret the results and formulate a customised health plan that will tip the microbiome community in your favour!


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