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Tattoo Removal

Any tattoo regrets?

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Did you know that the fastest growing laser treatment is tattoo removal? Well, I guess if your reading this article, your probably not surprised. Trust me, you are not the only one!

Let me guess, you got the tattoo on a drunken bing on a night out with friends? Got it from overseas? Tattooist misspelt the characters? its your ex’s name? or maybe you just want to fade it to get another one in its place.

For whatever reason you want your tattoo removed or faded, there is hope – Laser Tattoo Removal.

There is a whole science behind laser tattoo removal and why it works so well, however, you can’t be bothered with the science, right? You just want the tattoo removed! So, in a nut shell, Lasers work by producing pulses on intense light that pass through the skin selectively targeting the tattoo pigment. The laser light energy bursts the tattoo pigments into smaller fragments, these smaller fragmented pigments are easier for your immune system to “flush out” of your body.


What Technology do we use?

At Brunswick Health, we use the Palomar Q-Yag 5 technology. It’s an advanced Q-Switched laser that can target all colours of tattoos. This technology allows us to switch between 2 waves lengths, giving us the best chance of removing or fading your tattoo.

However, its important to note, that not all colours response as well as others. Black and red response the best to laser treatments, other lighter colours, such as light blue or yellow respond much slower and may require more treatment sessions.


How Many Sessions will I need?

We pride ourselves on giving you honest advice on expected outcomes and the amount of treatments sessions that may be required. As a general guide, for total removal more than 8 sessions is required and for fading 3-4 sessions.

So why isn’t it a one hit wonder, you say? That’s because each session the laser breaks up parts of the pigment, it’s safer that way. There are some lasers out there that are boasting total removal in minimal time, sounds great…well….not really. The power is so high that it can leave major scarring on the sight of the tattoo. So the ink is removed, however you can see where the tattoo was because the skin was damaged during the process leaving it scarred and discoloured, not a great look!

High power may mean fewer sessions but it also means higher scarring risk and you can’t reverse scarring….. it’s stamped on you a lifetime, so be patient and choose wisely.


How much does it cost?

As you know, tattoos come in different sizes and colours – its individual art work. Prices are generally based on size of the tattoo you want removed or faded. A small tattoo may cost approximately $80 per session, while larger ones can range from $200 – $500 per session.

You can request a free assessment with your dermal therapist Niydalh where he can provide an exact indication as to what outcomes to realistically expect, how long it will take and what the fee will be each session.


Does it Hurt?

The truth about tattoo removal is that it does hurt. It feels like a  hot rubber band slapping at the skin very fast. However, at Brunswick health, we want our patients to be as comfortable as possible, so we offer numbing cream and a cooling pack to minimise the discomfort during treatment. We will do our best and pace the treatment to suit your tolerance.








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