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What to Expect on your First Skin Needling Consultation

Niydalh conducting a Skin Needling Test Patch

Niydalh conducting a Skin Needling Test Patch


What to Expect on your First Skin Needling Consultation.

Upon arrive at Brunswick Health, our friendly reception staff will confirm your appointment and ask you to complete our “Skin Needling Health Questionnaire & Consent” form -The medical information you provide will assist in determining a more relevant treatment plan and screen for possible contraindications. Understanding how your skin behaves and responds to different situations/environments enables us to provide the best skin care and advice relevant to your skin type.

The consultation is then divided into 2 separate sections

  • Pre-Screen
  • First Treatment



Pre- Screen

You see, we do NOT subscribe to a general attitude of  ‘one size fits all’, it’s a lazy approach producing mediocre results. 

Once paperwork is complete, you will be greeted by our Dermal Clinician, Niydalh El-Bouch who in the consulting room, will discuss your medical history, examine your skin type, address your skin concerns, explain what Skin Needling entails and discuss whether you are suited for this type of treatment and what results you can expect in a given time frame. 

We do not charge for screening to see if you are a candidate for Skin Needling as some aren’t,  but most importantly it is our duty of care to properly assess and “patch test” before a full treatment is applied.

At the Pre-Screen You will have a clear understanding of what exactly is involved, how it will feel (2 test patches one with and one without numbing cream), how long it will take, and what results can realistically be achieved. It is very important we are clear about realistic expectations and outcomes as we will not sugar coat anything. The skin industry is rife with ridiculous claims giving false hope. At our clinic, we will say what we mean and mean what we say. If we can’t help you, you will be told this at the pre-screen.


During the pre-screen, your skin therapist will conduct a skin “test patch”. The skin test patch involves applying an organic cleanser, numbing cream, serum and needing a small area to assess your skin’s reaction to any of the products &/or the procedure. 


The pre-screen is a vital part of your assessment and suitability for skin needling. If your skin is very sensitive and reacts easily to the procedure or products used, we need to know this BEFORE the whole area is treated. What might look fine in 5 minutes, may not look so good or feel good in a few hours. Personally, I would not attend a clinic for a procedure that did not consider screening for reactions as part of their initial assessment. It also gives people the opportunity to see if they want to continue after this small no cost trial.  

Once all contraindications are excluded as well as a skin test patch performed, your first treatment can begin. Once we move to the second stage of treatment charges apply so by end of the test patch and initial assessment you need to decide whether to continue or not. There is no obligation and definitely no tacky hard sell!



Skin Needling


First Treatment

The skin is cleansed using our organic cleaner removing built up sweat, oil and dead skin cells, leaving your skin clear to absorb the serums better and free of debris. Having a clean surface to start working from, is important if you want the best possible results.

You have the option of using numbing cream as it helps to minimise the discomfort during skin needling. During the skin test patch, you will be able to tell if you need it or not. Should you opt for the numbing cream it is applied 20 mins prior treatment then completely removed to ensure only the organic serums on the skin are absorbed whilst undergoing skin needling. 



Your skin needling will start with the application of a specific organic serum according to your skin concerns. Disposable single use needles are attached to the head of the needling device (dermapen). A gentle pressure is then applied to the dermapen which allows a smooth gliding motion over the treatment area. With each gliding motion, the needling device will be pulsing at around 30 – 40 times per second, giving the treatment area full expose to the serums. At Brunswick Health we use the best world renowned technology, The Dermapen, favoured by plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

Once needling has been completed, more serum will be applied to the area to give an extra boost of enrichment to your skin to speed up the healing process.

Your skin will appear flushed (pink to red) which may last for 4 to 12 hours depending on your skin type. The sensation is best described as light sunburn.

If required, a medical grade concealer camouflage can be applied to totally conceal any redness which may occur. This will give you the ability to go straight back to work if required.

A post-treatment care plan will be discussed to ensure you have all the information you need when you leave the clinic to help you achieve your goal to healthier looking skin!.

The treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes in total depending on the size of the surface area,  so please arrive on time and without makeup.

All questions about any aspect of the treatment and procedure are encouraged and always welcome.






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