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Skin Needling Stretch Marks

Skin needling for stretch marks

Stretch Marks from Pregnancy are Common


Skin needling for stretch marks

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “How can I get rid of my stretch marks?”, I would be…….well, a millionaire!

I will tell you something that no aesthetics clinic or salon will dare to tell you….. You can never totally get rid of your stretch marks. There, I said it. But let me explain.

Stretch marks are formed by the inflammatory reaction to tissue expansion (stretched skin) that is causes by essentially, rapid growth (pregnancy & growth spurts) or weight gain. Once the skin has stretched, it becomes thinner and the thin area will remain that way.


However, your skin does attempt to fix it over time. The stretch marks will change colour in the attempt to blend in so from an angry red it tones down to your natural skin colour eventually. This colour change is not just a colour change, its your skin trying to heal it back to its original form, but it can’t get it exactly the same due to the permanent damage.

In saying that, there is hope. You see, your skin did try to heal, so we can help it along by giving it a bit of a boost to make it work a little harder to minimise the appearance of the stretch mark. Now that, I can promise.

There is no scientific evidence that creams or oils alone help reduce stretch marks. Skin collagen and elastin are located in the Dermis (second layer of the skin), and it’s this layer that needs stimulating to improve the appearance of stretch marks. It’s the most natural and sensible approach that science research says will works! Plastering topical products on stretch marks isn’t going to work if the dermis isn’t stimulated underneath to heal the damage. So how do you do this I hear you ask? The answer is skin needling!

Our skin needling treatment is specific to piercing through the skin creating an immune response to the dermis that promotes the body’s natural ability to create new collagen and elastin, it literally tricks the skin into producing newer healthier skin and as a bonus, organic anti stretch mark serum can be channelled through to the deeper layers of the skin reaching the dermis during the skin needling process.

Even without the serum, this will work but why waste a perfect opportunity to nourish the deeper levels of the skin? Outer layers of the skin effectively block and slow down the absorption of most topical agents, that’s providing you don’t accidentally wipe them off before absorption is even achieved. There is no doubt skin needling fast tracks this absorption process, it is one of it’s added benefits. Remember one of the main functions the skin has, is to protect us from the external environment blocking harmful bacteria and toxic chemicals. If chemical were easily absorbed we wouldn’t be able to swim in a pool of chlorinated water or even wash dishes/clean our house without a toxic overload ……so it’s a good thing overall, agreed?

The organic serum we use contains the active ingredient of Green Tea oil that is scientifically proven to rejuvenate skin cells, improving the sight of stretch marks when combined with skin needling.

We guarantee improvement with as little as 4 treatments, with results starting from 21 days after your first treatment session. For optimal clinical results we recommend between 4-8 treatments over the course of 8 months.


Skin Needling Improves Stretch Marks




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