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Skin Needling Scars

Skin Needling Surgical Scars & Trauma Induced Scars

Skin Needling for Trauma and Post-Surgical Scars

You Never Want to see This Expression!


I’m so embarrassed about this scar! Sound familiar? Welcome to the club.

Trauma and surgical scars can be unsightly and a reminder of a traumatic time or surgery you might have undergone.



Many people cover up their scars with clothing and even avoid places like going to the beach in fear of unwanted attention or worse unwelcome comments and questions.

There is always surgery, but all you’re really doing is substituting one scar for another.

The skin is complex, however with that complexity it harbours the ability to heal and rejuvenate. All you need to do it activate that ability. Lets face it, the scar developed by your own body is it’s attempt to heal itself.

At Brunswick Health, we recognise that harnessing our own body’s healing ability is the key to reducing the appearance of your scars, not some oily cream packaged in a pretty jar, with thousands of dollars of marketing behind it.

We want you to be confident and pride ourselves on giving you long term natural results with as much support to help you reduce the appearance of your trauma or post surgical scars.

Our skin needling treatment for trauma and post surgical scars is specifically designed to promote blood flow and break up scar tissue of all types of non-keloid scars. C-section scars can be reduced! Yes, it’s possible.

Our organic anti-scar serum contain natural green tea oil to reduce redness and Chinese herbs to increasing blood flow to the skin to aid healing. We don’t just place it on the surface of the skin like other salon treatments, but deposit it into the micro punctures created by the skin needling to boost their effect on your skin.

We guarantee visible reduction on the conclusion of continuous treatment of at least 4 or more treatments, with results starting from the first treatment. Long term treatments are recommended for optimal clinical results.


Skin Needling Improves Surgical Scars




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