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Affordable Skin Needling Fees


Skin needling fees at Brunswick Health are very competitive making quality skin care affordable without compromise.


Skin Needling at Affordable Prices

Skin Needling at Affordable Prices

It seems when it comes to any high-tech skin rejuvenation treatments such as Skin Needling, paying upwards of $400- $500 per session seems to be the norm, add the name of a plastic surgeon and for most people, it’s a justified expense. Most would agree it would be a fair price to pay if you indeed had a highly trained specialist conducting the procedure. The problem is, the plastic surgeon is busy doing what he or she does best, surgery, so usually, they are not directly involved in Skin Needling other than in name, so why pay high prices when you are treated only by their trained staff members?

This is the high paying end of the spectrum and at the lower end you have beauty salons that may or may not have trained staff using high or low-end equipment. Visiting some of these salons has left me thinking they need to work on their hygienic protocols.

So where is the middle ground where you can have Skin Needling procedures in a clinical setting with top end equipment and highly qualified experienced staff, without the scary price tag commonly associated with plastic or cosmetic surgeons?

 This is where we come in to fill the gap. As a natural Health Clinic established in 1990 we only introduce services that follow certain criteria.

  • Must be natural….. so no harsh chemicals or procedures. Our aim is to encourage and accelerate the natural and remarkably effective healing and rejuvenating powers of the skin, we never work against it. The natural look is always the preferred choice by most, as nothing rarely comes close.
  • Must be safe….. skill and hygiene practices are the foundation of any successful procedure, cutting corners here is a potential disaster waiting to happen.
  • Must be effective……without this, it’s all talk and no action. We are so confident you will see an improvement in your skin, we document it and guarantee it!
  • All services must be conducted by qualified staff who continue their education via seminars every year to keep abreast of new information and technology. This is a fast growing industry with the landscape forever changing so you need your running shoes on to keep up with new discoveries!
  • Must be trustworthy. There is so much “noise” about Skin Needling, it’s hard to separate the legit from the non-legit. At Brunswick Health we only offer procedures that are scientifically proven to work. If there is no research backing claims, then we don’t give it a second glance.  We are not a beauty salon offering glamour facials, this is a clinic offering the best and most effective procedures in the art and science of collagen induction therapies rebuilding skin, offering real results.
  • Fees must be reasonably affordable. Most procedures take at least an hour with disposable items and upkeep of expensive equipment as well as continued education for the clinician.  So it comes to no surprise certain fees have to be charged in order to offer a high-grade facility and service without compromise. We are able to offer this service at affordable prices helping men and women from all walks of life. From those suffering embarrassing facial scars to those who simply want to look their youthful best. We see a broad spectrum of the population that reach out to us… men included.




 Skin Needling Treatments


Skin Needling  
Single Region Skin Consultation (e.g. Full Face) $270.00
Two Region Skin Consultation (e.g Face & Neck) $375.00
Half Region Skin Consultation (e.g. Cheeks Only) $205.00
Large Region Skin Consultation (Price depends on Area Size) POA
Prepaid 3 Consultations Discounted $20 Each Session Disc. $20.00 each


Payment of fees

Fees are due and payable on the day of service eliminating costly bookkeeping and billing expenses enabling us to pass on this savings to our clients.

Fees are subject to change without notice.





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