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Physiotherapist’s Role


Essential Role of a Physio

One of the many essential roles a Physiotherapist is trained to do is to assess how your body moves and identify areas where it needs correction. Correct movement and alignment distribute the stresses caused by gravity to areas of the body designed to cope with such stresses.



Once we move away from our ideal biomechanical alignment, stresses to our joints and other soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments etc.. start to take its toll. The body will undergo a number of adaptations to protect itself and cope as best it can but eventually it manifests as pain coupled with reduced movement. This usually takes many years (if we exclude sudden impact type injuries) which is why most people will not be able to explain the direct cause of their pain.

Physiotherapists look at the site of pain and use a number of techniques to reduce the level of pain. In addition, they take a step back and assess the cause of the pain which is often related to alignment adaptations that are no longer serving you well.

Techniques commonly used by Physiotherapists include mobilisation, trigger point therapy, soft tissue massage, dry needling, ultrasound incorporated with progressive personalised exercise rehabilitation programs. Advise and education is critical to understand how to prevent the condition returning as well as head towards corrective care by being an active participant in your recovery.

How long you choose to benefit from Physiotherapy care is up to you. You may want simply the pain to end or you may decide to restore normal movement and alignment, as well as core strength, is important for the long game.









How to Find Us
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