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Elena Viscardi Physiotherapist

Elena Viscardi Physiotherapist

Elena Viscardi Physiotherapist

Our Physiotherapist, Elena Viscardi graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy from the University of Milan in 2009, Italy. In addition to obtaining her Physiotherapy degree, she continued further study and completed her Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Major, at Curtin University (Western Australia).   

It is highly regarded in her profession to be accepted into the Masters University program as not all applicants are considered or able to complete the gruelling Physiotherapist Master’s program. Obtaining her Masters gave her a deeper knowledge in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions and a much wider manual skill set that is invaluable in practice. Her achievements also extend to her research project winning the prestigious Curtin University Mona Twomey Prize.

Her career as a Physiotherapist spans more than 9 years, initially working 5 years in a fast-paced hospital setting where she was able to treat thousands of cases with a wide range of clinical presentations and ages hence she is accustomed to working with robust athletes to the fragile elderly.

Once Elena left the hospital setting, she moved into private practice where she could spend the time needed to see patients from beginning to end with her personalised patient-centered care. With her Masters under her belt, Elena is able to offer a higher degree of knowledge right across the board but she does have a particular interest in neck, lower back, shoulder, knee and ankle conditions. In addition, she also loves treating tendinopathies and complex chronic pain conditions. As an avid volleyball athlete and cyclist herself, she has spent many years treating sport-related injuries and understands the importance of proactive injury management.

Elena has a hands-on approach, engaging a broad range of techniques such as soft and deep soft tissue techniques (massage, trigger point therapy, PNF etc..), joint mobilisation, Kinesio taping, dry needling, in conjunction with exercise prescription to enhance strength and mobility. She promotes an active and healthy lifestyle to improve and maintain function. She is well known for her meticulous evidence-based care, resulting in optimal patient management.

Elena uses targeted manual therapy and comprehensive rehabilitation strategies to achieve optimal results for patients. Her rehabilitation philosophy is to treat the cause of the current problem, not just the symptoms, to improve strength and resilience and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Elena is fluent in English and Italian and currently studying Spanish.  Away from work, Elena enjoys volleyball, cycling, traveling, meditation as well as the perfectly made Italian cappuccino! 



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