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Are All Physios Created Equal?

Not All Physios Are Created Equal


Did you know not all Physios are created equal? That not all Physios are accepted in the prestigious postgraduate master’s degree after they complete their basic Physio degree?



I think everyone would agree, the level of education does make a difference in the practitioner’s diagnostic skills and ability to treat conditions effectively. It is possibly why some Physiotherapist stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to reputation.

The Physio master’s degree is an additional grueling 3-7 years part-time taught by prestigious Physiotherapists who are quick to show you the door if you don’t meet their strict criteria. In some cases, not even 50% of new applicants make it through the first 6 months! Being fortunate to be taught and mentored by these well respected Physios is indeed a privilege as most have worked with Olympic and professional athletes carrying a wealth of information and “know how”.

So how you do identify Physiotherapists who have had a higher degree of learning and been mentored by the best in the field?  It can be really confusing for those that are not Physios!


Firstly look at their base qualification

Bachelor of Health Science Physiotherapy or Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy means they have completed the minimum 4-year requirement.

Next look for a postgraduate qualification such as Masters of Physiotherapy or Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. This means they may have completed an additional 3-7 years part-time!

In addition, look at the number of years of practice. We recommend a minimum of 5 years as a good starting point.

Please note don’t just look at the “masters” component as it is a postgraduate degree which means anyone who has completed an undergraduate degree in any field (not necessary Physio) can apply.

When we consider Physio applicants to work at Brunswick Health they must fulfill our following 7 point criteria:

  1. Hold a Bachelor of Science Physio Degree
  2. Completed a masters degree (preferably with high distinctions)
  3. Have a minimum of 5 years clinical experience
  4. Be an excellent communicator
  5. Be an excellent listener
  6. Have an impeccable bedside manner
  7. Love helping people


It is with this criterion we are most pleased to introduce our Physiotherapists, Annabel Law and Elena Viscardi. To view their impressive BIO click on their names.

If you would like to come and experience the difference call the clinic and make an appointment with our “Master” Physiotherapists.

If we have not met your expectation we are happy to offer you a complimentary visit so you have nothing to lose except perhaps your pain.

We promise you will know on your first visit if you have made the right choice or not!


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