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Meet Our Melbourne Nutritionist

Melbourne Nutritionist Kirsten Tuzee

Melbourne Nutritionist Kirsten Tuzee


Our Melbourne Clinical Nutritionist, Kirsten Tuzee is a degree qualified Nutritionist who for the last 10 years has specialised in weight management. With additional studies and a keen interest in nutritional psychology, as well as being a qualified and registered personal trainer, Kirsten has a broad and holistic approach to weight management. Additionally, Kirsten holds a post-graduate diploma in occupational health.

For the last decade, Kirsten has worked one on one with people helping them reach their nutrition-related goals, she presents nutrition education seminars and she writes an online blog. Kirsten has been working with metabolic testing technology and is also educated and trained in Nutrigenomics (the science behind how our DNA and nutrients interact to affect our health).


Kirsten has international experience having worked in the U.K in medical education. She has also been a guest speaker at a European GP and Specialist conference presenting sessions on the physiology and psychology of weight management.

The passion Kirsten has for nutrition and helping others is transmittable, and she believes that with the right nutrition analysis and education, everyone can improve their quality of life. She has a genuine and caring approach to helping her clients achieve the best they can nutritionally and beyond.



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