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Does Calorie Counting Really Work?

Does Calorie Counting Really Work? How Many Calories Should You Really Be Eating?

If the calories you eat are less than the calories you expend, you should lose weight, right? Ah, yes… but that doesn’t guarantee that you will lose weight! There is a lot more to solving weight loss than just counting calories. However, to be successful in losing weight, it is incredibly valuable to know just how many calories your body burns. 

You can do a google search for a calorie calculator to give you a population-based predictive energy equation to determine how many calories you should all be eating. But these are predictive, and in my case, far from accurate.

Based on my gender, height, weight and activity levels, a commonly used calorie calculator on the internet told me I can consume approximately 2,500 calories a day without gaining weight whilst leading a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

After doing several tests on an indirect calorimetry machine, my personal results say that in a fairly sedentary day I burn between 1200 – 1600 calories.

That is a huge difference between the predicted calories and my actual personal reading. If I was to eat the amount of calories from the online calorie prediction I would be well on my way to gaining weight.


What is indirect calorimetry?

Indirect calorimetry is the gold standard to accurately assess an individual’s metabolic rate. Information gathered from indirect calorimetry includes daily energy requirement at rest (how many calories your body burns at rest), how this energy is being produced (whether you are burning fat or carbohydrate – remember to lose fat we need to be burning fat).

At Brunswick Health we use indirect calorimetry to assess patients, a technology which previously was only available to elite athletes and academic researchers. When we combine this with using DNA Nutrigenomics results are remarkably fast.


Kirsten Tuzee – Clinical Nutritional Strategist



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