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Orion Electro-Dermal Screening

Computerised Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS) has become a popular screening method worldwide. Widely used by Naturopaths & Integrative Medical Centres.   CEDS evaluates the energetic pathways (acupuncture points) around your organs and systems.

Using Chinese acupuncture points known and recognised for thousands of years, energy levels are measured and recorded as they relate to various organs and organ systems. These readings will relay the information from the body of either balance, inflammation, or deficiency. Then, if needed, an appropriate nutritional and/or lymphatic program can be outlined to help restore the body back to balance.

The Orion System is a computer system designed for Star Tech Health Services, LLC for the purpose of conducting professional Electro-Dermal  Screening. Although it uses many traditional acupuncture points and Voll measurement points, CEDS screening is non-invasive.

The Orion System utilises pathometry- the measurement of disturbed electron flow inside the body. 

What does the Orion System do? It is a “data acquisition process” used to determine the areas of electrical imbalance in the body. It allows the Naturopath to conduct an “interview” with the body’s organs and tissues, showing much about the functional status of those areas. It shows how much stress an organ is under and can guide the Naturopath on what will eliminate the imbalance. It measures electrical currents in the body, much like an ECG machine measures the electrical activity of the heart. It monitors the progress of therapy, eliminating a great deal of trial and error. 

What do the readings indicate? The Orion System has been designed to send an electric current through electrical pathways or meridians recognised by scientists throughout the world. Numerous pathways (meridians) have been identified and verified by hundreds of years of use within the science of acupuncture. 

Other meridians have only recently been discovered through the efforts of modern science. Each pathway corresponds to organs or systems within the body itself. 

After an electric current ha been introduced to a pathway, the ohm meter within the Orion System reads the resistance and then converts it into conductance according to Dr. Voll’s 100-point scale.  An optimal reading is 50. Stable readings of 50 indicate a patient with a good health pattern whose body systems are “balanced.” On the other hand, if a patient does not receive optimal readings, an energy imbalance has been detected.

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