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Live Blood Microscopy

Naturopathic Live Blood AnalysisLive Blood Microscopy (previously known as Live Blood Analysis) is the generic term that describes viewing a tiny drop of live blood under a powerful medical microscope capturing images that are displayed in real time onto a computer screen. 

It is important to understand Live Blood Microscopy is not a “stand-alone” assessment nor can it be used for analytical purposes. Without other clinical subjective and objective findings conclusions cannot be reached nor health advice given based on the findings of this test alone. 


Live Blood Microscopy is a screening tool used to prompt the practitioner to ask pertinent questions in order to acquire an informed opinion as to possible underlying causes that may be contributing to health problems. Health analysis is a complex process and requires due diligence.


Biochemist, Scientist and Naturopath Dr Trevor Douglas, (Sc (Hons) PhD, Biochemistry) has been the official trainer since 1993 in Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy, Phase Contrast Live Blood and Coagulated Blood Microscopy. Dr Douglas has published over 30 major research articles in international science journals, held 2 university lecturing positions and been the principal research scientist at CSIRO, Australia. He has been consulting over 15 years as a Naturopath and Nutritional Biochemist using live blood microscopy as a screening tool in combination with his usual initial consultation examination protocol.



Dr Douglas has trained medical doctors and naturopaths in Live Blood Microscopy sharing his accumulative expertise and is arguably the best authority on the subject. 


Our Practitioners always encourage patients to take an active part in managing and understanding health. Through comprehensive clinical assessments and taking into consideration the most recent health research, Practitioners are able to offer better-suited health strategies. Ask your Practitioner how your health might be improved today.





Live Blood Microscopy is NOT a stand-alone diagnostic test, It may provide additional information when combined with other subjective and objective clinical findings that would normally occur in the course of a patient’s health assessment conducted by a qualified health practitioner.


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