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Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage

Our Massage Therapists specialise in Pregnancy Massage. With their minimum 2 years tertiary education they are trained in dealing with the changing body of a pregnant woman. As the belly grows, the center of gravity shifts forwards increasing the load to the spine especially the low back region.


For many women, this is not their first pregnancy and are busy chasing and lifting other children as well as carrying their pregnancy. Ligaments are being stretched as the body prepares for the pending birth, muscles fatigue and joints begin to ache. It’s no wonder pregnant women seek help to alleviate the physical stress as well as the emotional one, as many women feel its the only time they can switch off and have some time to themselves.


At our clinic, we have specialised pregnancy pillows that allows the massage to take place lying face down comfortably.



This way you can really enjoy a proper massage. No more side lying trying to relax whilst someone is massaging from behind, constantly pushing you forwards. And what a joy to be face down…..a position that has not been possible for some months!

You can also be assured that all our massage therapists are Australian trained with a minimum of 2 years tertiary education as well as many years of clinical experience. Some of our massage therapists have been with us at Brunswick Health for over 15 years.

Because the massage industry is not government regulated it means anyone can call themselves a “massage therapist” without any educational background whatsoever. For the general public, it is hard to tell therapists apart and the only way to determine if they are properly trained is to ask if they are recognised by private health insurances. 

If they are not recognised, chances are, they have either no qualifications or qualifications that are below the acceptable standard that private health insurance companies are willing to accept.

At our clinic, all our massage providers are registered with private health insurances and in most cases, you can claim on the spot and pay only the gap. If your private health insurance has an agreement with “HICAPS” then on the spot claiming is available, if not, you simply claim online.


When booking your massage appointment please mention that you are pregnant so we can make sure a massage pregnancy pillow is available.





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