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$150 Worth of Kinesiology for Just $95


Kinesiology will help you feel calmer and more energised

Kinesiology will help you feel calmer and more energised

On your first visit, our Kinesiologist Kerrie Stevens will talk you through what to expect from your kinesiology balance, a comprehensive overview to identify where you are in the present in relation to where you would like to be.

She will test using a biofeedback loop utilising muscle testing commonly known as Kinesiology.

She will develop a course of treatment specific to you and discuss the outcomes, and put in place a recommendation in relation to future visits.



Most people feel calmer at once and feel more positive in achieving their goals, either physically, emotionally or both.  


This is your perfect opportunity to find out if Kinesiology can help you at just a fraction of the usual cost for an initial 60 minute Kinesiology consultation.






IMPORTANT: For all web specials you must notify us at the time of booking & payment otherwise you will be charged the standard fee and forfeit the right to claim any specials or refunds. Making an appointment online DOES NOT automatically entitle you to this special offer, you must confirm this on the day of your appointment or earlier.

When making your appointment quote Code: KINESIOLOGYwebSPECIAL


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