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Kinesiology & Depression

Kinesiology Can Help Depression

Kinesiology Can Help Depression

Can Kinesiology Help with Depression? There are many types and different severities of this very common disorder. There seems to still be a stigma attached to acknowledging that we may feel depressed as people may view us as weak or handicapped in some way. Short term depression is more prevalent and understandable after a traumatic episode in our lives, but If it continues past what is an acceptable time (?) then it becomes problematic.  


Depression is more than just a low mood, it can affect our lives on many levels, from poor performance at work, unable to cope with stress and change, leading to a more reclusive life and withdrawing from family and friends to a greater and greater extent as time goes on. Most times we don’t know when it started or have feelings that we always felt this way.


Other people have a trigger and life has never been the same since. No matter which is the case, Kinesiology can help you feel better about yourself and improve your thought patterns so that your quality of life is better. Many people look for ways of numbing the pain and use alcohol or other drugs to help get through the day. This will exacerbate the problem but they know no other way (in fact many don’t know, that is why they drink). Kinesiology can help release the need for this substance abuse and bring the body back into balance.


If you are on medications from the doctor, you can still improve your outlook and joy in life by having Kinesiology sessions. If you don’t want to take medications and looking for an alternative way to improve, Kinesiology can help. Whichever stage you are at, whether wondering if you are just going through a stage of not coping or feeling overwhelmed, or if it has been going on for too long, a consultation will help.


A session would normally address the emotions, stress and thought patterns that are keeping you in a depressed state. In addition, we would free up the blockage that is stopping your energy from improving. Symptoms such as poor sleeping, OCD, lethargy, guilt, sick and run-down all the time, self-esteem issues etc all start to disappear over time. So are you ready to get better? Ring for more information or to make an appointment, We look forwards to helping you achieve your goals.


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