Kinesiology & Anxiety

Can Kinesiology Help Anxiety?

Can Kinesiology help Anxiety?

Can Kinesiology help Anxiety?

The question is often asked how can Kinesiology alleviate anxiety? Anxiety is felt by everyone at some stage of their life or in some situations, as it is your body’s natural response to potential threats, but when it occurs all the time or on a daily basis, then it becomes a problem. Mostly it comes from an internal source, e.g. worrying about an exam, performance at work, negative self-talk.

Anxiety releases the same stress hormones such as cortisol as if you are in danger triggering the flight/flight process. Your brain plays a big role in ongoing anxiety, especially the amygdala and hippocampus. The emotional memories are stored in the amygdala which then alerts the rest of the brain that a threat is present and triggers a fear or anxiety response. This is where Kinesiology can help; it takes the emotional trauma off the memory so that this response is not triggered. Not forgetting the hippocampus which encodes threatening events into memories.


Kinesiology can help re-program your circuits so that everyday events are not perceived as dangerous. This heightened awareness is caused by both genetics and environment. You may come from a family that is sensitive to their environment (e.g. someone has lived through a war or had major trauma in their lives), this can be carried and materialise as anxiety in others that have not had the experience directly. You may have grown up living with abuse (mentally or physically) which has heightened your “alert” state. There is no one cause, but an accumulation of events that brings us to a state in which anxiety can affect our lives. It is thought that most anxiety goes untreated as we just “soldier –on”, or start living diminished lives to not expose ourselves to situations that are too hard to handle. Social anxiety is a huge problem and generally, it is said to be far more prevalent than we think as most will conceal the way they feel. A new wave of anxiety is on the rise with cyber bullying naming and shaming people in a public forum, children being the most vulnerable.

Kinesiology can help release the trauma in the body and help bring the brain and adrenals back into balance by de-stressing your energy system, releasing the emotions attached to past memories and strengthening your system. Everyone is different and have their own accumulation of stress, memories and programs that are inhibiting their lives. Using a range of Kinesiology techniques can help resolve anxiety in our lives. 



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