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tell a friend colonics

Ready for a colonic Springtime detox? Ready to boost your energy and feel great for Summer?
We just wanted to get in touch and see how things are going. Did you make it through Winter ok? Are you feeling like a Spring clean might be due?
Well…. we’re pretty excited as we’ve just installed a second colonic machine at Brunswick Health!
We’d like to offer our existing clients, both those we’ve caught up with recently and those we may not have seen for a while, a special offer that will not be made available elsewhere.
Have you got a friend that was always intrigued with colonics? Someone you know that keeps saying “Oh, I have to try that” but they still haven’t? Here’s an opportunity for you to bring in a friend who is new to our clinic for a colonic. You’ll both receive a 30% discount on a single session price, bringing the session down to $88 each, usually $115!
With a little forward planning, you can both have a colonic at the same time in our two rooms simultaneously … What a bonus not having to wait around for each other!


Our second machine is located on ground level, making it more accessible for our less mobile clients. Please remember to let us know if this is required for yourself or someone you are booking on behalf of.
For this offer to be valid Prepayment must be made at the time of booking for both appointments by Dec 1st, 2017!
Here are some pictures of our colonic rooms

The Fine Print

•  Full-refund if practitioner deems client unsuitable for procedure or advises against procedure for any reason
•  Late arrival will reduce treatment time
•  Results may vary for each person
•  Valid for ages 18 and over

•  Colonic Hydrotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women in their first trimester – Please advise if pregnant at the time of booking
•  This is a 2 Appointment package deal: 1 new & 1 existing client hence partial refunds are not applicable
•  24 hour cancellation policy or prepayment is forfeited 
•  Absence forfeits prepayment
•  For more information read our Colonic FAQ’s by clicking here


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