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Best source of Vit D is sunbathing

Best source of Vit D is sunbathing

So how important is Vitamin D? Can it reduce the risk of Influenza and common cold? Can it reduce the risk of other serious diseases?

German researchers have found that Vitamin D increases the immune system by 3-5 times and shows promise at being better than the vaccine at helping the immune system beat the h5n1 (bird flu) virus.

Not all Vit Ds are made equal as quality does matter and to complicate matters there are different types of Vit D ( Vit D 3, Vit D 2). At our clinic our Naturopaths recommend BioMedica Vit D Sublingual (under the tongue) spray to their patients. It provides a quicker and more efficient method of delivering Vitamin D in high doses. (BioMedica PhytaD 50ml Oral Spray-Vegan Friendly).

We recommend that patients get a blood test first to see if there is a Vit D deficiency before embarking on any supplementing plan then recheck in a few months to see if there has been any improvement in levels. A failure to improve levels could indicate a number of things including using a Vit D that is substandard. The research says it works! Don’t forget come summer time, your skin will make its own Vit D providing you expose enough skin.Your skin will make its Vit D very quickly so no need to stay in the sun for long periods and avoid the “Burn Times”.


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